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SW-Heart is a registered charity that funds specialist cardiac nurses and allied staff. Our aim is to provide additional community and hospital-based cardiac rehabilitation programmes and heart failure services in South Warwickshire.



South Warwickshire Heart failure, Education and cardiac Rehabilitation Trust (SW HEART) was founded in 2013 to help support the recovery of heart patients with heart failure and following heart attack and cardiac surgery.

It has over the past 4 years exceeded expectation due to the generous support from the community, other charitable organisations and local businesses.


There are now 4 community based cardiac rehabilitation programmes which deliver the gold standard in cardiac rehabilitation. SW Heart funded the specialist nurses and exercise physiologists to enable the services to be developed. It also has improved the access of heart failure patients to specialist heart failure nurses both in the community and in the hospital, by funding the entire salary or part salary of new posts. These posts are now funded through the NHS as the benefit to the patients could be demonstrated. The community based heart failure nurses now do outreach clinics in Alcester, Shipston-on-Stour and Stratford as well as Warwick Hospital.

The next challenge is to continue to improve access for patients and increase cardiac rehabilitation to all patients, particularly patients with heart failure and to develop the support for patients with end of life care in advanced heart failure.

We are in the process of funding a specialist Heart Failure nurse and exercise physiologist to develop heart failure and frailty rehab. Theses exercise classes will be community based and we are hoping to work with Myton and Straford hospices as venues for these classes. The inpatient Heart failure service will also benefit as the specialist nurse will be able to see the heart failure patients and their families while they are in hospital and give them the education, support, and guidance about their condition and their end of life wishes.

Our Fund Raising Progress

to November 2017

- 2 Nurses

The mayor of Whitnash’s inauguration 2017
Sister Donna McDonnell, mayor Tony Heath, Mrs Heath, Bill Cowles, Dr Najmi Qureshi
SW-HEART is the chosen charity for the mayor of Whitnash.

Last Updated - 18th November 2017

November 2017


We have had numerous donations this year for which we are extremely grateful. These have been added to the above total and will enable us to reach our above aims and goals.


We would like to say a special THANK YOU to Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym in Warwick for their continued support, without their support we wouldn’t be able to offer a community exercise programme which currently 40 patients benefit from each week. The patients attend this exercise programme twice a week and some patient patients are on the programme for 12 weeks in total. 

Next we would like to fund a Specialist Heart Failure/ Rehab Nurse = 5 days a week

Full time 37.5 hours per week

and an Exercise physiologist/physio = 3 days a week 22.5 hours per week

June 2014

Our first Cardiac Rehabiliation Nurses, Natalie Barber & Nicola Buckley have been recruited by the Charity.

Pictured above with - Sally Bee, Dr Najmi & Sister Donna



Please donate to assist us in achieving our goal of appointing rehabilitation heart nurses to work in the hospital and the community

Every penny raised will go towards appointing nurses to help heart patients in South Warwickshire

What is SW-Heart and How will it help South Warwickshire Heart Patients?

SW-HEART was set up by Consultant Cardiologist Dr Najmi Qureshi, Cardiac Rehabilitation Sister Donna McDonnell and heart patients to fund additional cardiac specialist nurses and allied staff. The input of this team of specialist staff will start from the moment of diagnosis, whether as an emergency inpatient or outpatient in hospital, and extend to support on discharge in the patient’s home and a community-based cardiac rehabilitation and heart failure service. The nurses will work closely with the consultant cardiologists, and provide training and support to GP practices, as well as supporting the patients in hospital and on discharge.


What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Patients who have suffered a heart attack, had cardiac surgery, or been diagnosed with angina or other cardiac conditions really benefit from a multidisciplinary cardiac rehabilitation programme. This provides education regarding the condition, medication, lifestyle and self-help as well as an exercise regime. Cardiac rehabilitation has been shown to improve outcome, quality of life, and return to work.


What is Heart Failure?

Heart failure can be debilitating with a mortality rate similar to some cancers. It is the culmination of many heart conditions whereby the function of the heart is reduced resulting in symptoms such as breathlessness, reduced exercise capacity and swelling of the feet. Patients require more support and management both at home and in the community, and many have multiple prolonged admissions to hospital. Improving specialist support for patients with heart failure has been shown to improve symptoms, quality of life and outcome, as well as reducing hospital admissions.



“If there were a pill that cost very little, reduced cardiac deaths by 27%, improved quality of life and reduced anxiety and depression, every cardiac patient in Europe would be expected to take it. There is no such pill, but taking part in a cardiac rehabilitation programme can provide all these benefits.”​


Professor Bob Lewin European Society of Cardiology, Amsterdam, 2005

Registered Charity Number 1149139