Our Aims

Our long-term goal is to appoint a team of cardiac rehabilitation nurses to work in the hospital and the community

of South Warwickshire.


There has been a tremendous investment in heart disease over the past decade, as it was and remains, the major cause of death in the Western world. This investment has seen significant reduction in death and much better outcomes for heart patients - both at the time of diagnosis and also in prevention. 


Heart disease touches most of us in some way; either directly or through family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues.

SW-Heart is raising money to fund cardiac specialist nurses and allied staff in order to provide additional community-based cardiac rehabilitation programmes and heart failure services in South Warwickshire.


This is a truly local community-based programme where every penny raised will go directly into establishing the service. We would be delighted if the local community could help us by raising funds and supporting our events. By becoming involved, and by understanding the implications of heart disease, individuals, community-based services and businesses can come together and help make things better on a personal level for heart patients and their families in South Warwickshire.


Diagnosis and treatment of heart disease has come a long way in the past decade. However, the initial management following tests in outpatients or emergency treatment in hospital is only the beginning. Imagine you have just been told that you may have a life changing heart condition - one minute you are in the safety of the hospital with the comfort of the nurses and doctors around you, then you find yourself back home again with your new life in front of you and a large bag of medication.


South Warwickshire Heart failure Education And cardiac Rehabilitation Trust (SW-HEART) was formed to support the physical, emotional and educational needs of heart patients and their families to enable a return to normal life and work following these life changing diagnoses and treatments.


Please help us achieve our goal


Every penny raised will go towards appointing nurses to help heart patients in South Warwickshire

Registered Charity Number 1149139